F.I.I. Facility Network

Freediving Instructors International (F.I.I.) is a recreational freediving education agency headquartered in the United States with international recognition for upholding the highest safety standards in the industry. Founded by Martin Stepanek, 13-time world record holder and freediving pioneer, F.I.I. has trained thousands of freedivers–from recreational to competitive– across the globe. This popular program strictly emphasizes safety, skills, and knowledge, thereby ensuring full enjoyment of our sport.

Utilizing F.I.I.'s proven curriculum, facilities can now increase business and expand services into freediving education. As an F.I.I. Freediving Facility, you will have the opportunity to open the world of freediving/spearfishing and develop a strong community of trained freedivers while bringing in new customers to your facility for training. Either way, freediving will add depth to your business.

F.I.I. brings world class, professional standardization to the freediving industry. F.I.I. Freediving Facilities have access to a variety of new and innovative classes, some of the most advanced in the industry, and training programs that broaden the spectrum of potential students.

F.I.I. Freediving Facilities receive everything needed to promote and train freediving in a robust benefit package that includes:

  • Marketing strategies and materials to promote freediving at your facility
  • Discounts on advertising, travel, and merchandise
  • Discounts on all teaching materials
  • Complete store merchandising package
  • Access to specialized pool training programs, designed by 13-time world record freediver Martin Stepanek, for all levels
  • Access to an exclusive, personalized F.I.I. Facility Portal that offers public course listings, access to a student database, the ability to receive payments, and more
  •  Innovative new classes and revenue opportunities
  •  On-call marketing assistance and support