Quality Assurance

The F.I.I. Quality Assurance Program guarantees the highest level of service and training experience is provided to all students and athletes.

F.I.I. was solely founded on the core principles of improving the safety and education of recreational freediving, spearfishing, and breath-hold-related activities across the globe. F.I.I. is internationally recognized as offering the highest level of standardized freediving training available and works hard to protect the integrity and quality of the F.I.I. educational system.

From the educational experience all the way through to ensuring your freedive certifications are processed and received in a timely manner, F.I.I. is committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service. We invite everyone to take advantage of our quality assurance program and to become involved in the process: to help ensure the value of your experience. We encourage all students to first verify that their chosen trainer is a certified, active F.I.I. Instructor on the Verify a F.I.I. Instructor search as this guarantees you will receive the highest level of training, student materials and an internationally recognized certification card. You may also wish to read through previous student testimonials, provide feedback on the instructor’s performance and course experience, or offer an opinion about the quality of the F.I.I. manuals. Perhaps you’d also like to let us know about the customer service you received from the agency. Whatever comments you have to share, we welcome and look forward to hearing your input.