FII Freediving, Apnea Training & Courses
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FII Freediving, Apnea Training & Courses


The Freediving Instructors International certified courses are designed in a comprehensive format, specifically targeting safety and self improvement.

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The common misconception about becoming a freediver is that it takes ten to fifteen years of practical experience for a diver to become efficient. Freediving is considered to be primarily a skill-based sport; therefore, the right course focusing on the right skills and knowledge to be developed in the correct order and format can not only save years of trial and error, but can also save a diver's life.

F.I.I. freediving programs have the highest safety rating in the industry, and they provide all the knowledge and tools to reach your goals. Whatever your interest might be, swimming along the reef, extending your bottom time, deep-water spearfishing, marine mammal interaction, competing, or becoming an instructor, F.I.I. has the right program for you.

The foundation blocks of the F.I.I. educational system are the core courses divided into Girl Freediving three levels, teaching everything from the fundamentals of safe freediving to the skills of utilizing the mammalian diving reflex to the training techniques of adjusting one's physiology to become a better freediver. Specialty courses offer specific training and expertise in each participant's realm of interest.


Become a safe, effective freediver with FII.


To sign up for a course or to find a F.I.I. Instructor near you go to our Instructor Locator
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